Research reveals that Brits resort to rudimentary tactics for managing their money abroad, with 65 per cent admitting to hiding money in shoes, clothing, or under mattresses when on holiday in order to keep cash safe.1

Rob Darby from Escape Travel Card offers advice to travellers on how to look after holiday spends abroad, as well as how to manage travel budgets effectively:

Carrying cash

“ To avoid repeatedly paying for ATM charges, travellers often opt to which could make them vulnerable to loss or theft. Using a prepaid currency card however, means that ATM charges can be avoided, removing the need for holidaymakers to carry lots of cash with them and giving them peace of mind.”

Paying in local currency v Sterling

“ When using a credit or debit card for shopping abroad, tourists are often given the option to pay for the transaction in their own currency rather than the local one – which is portrayed as being more convenient. Rather than the till simply showing the customer what the amount translates to in their domestic currency, it usually uses a less favourable exchange rate meaning the traveller pays extra. Tourists are better off paying in local currency on their prepaid travel card to avoid paying these steeper rates, as this kind of expense can add up during the course of a trip.”

Manage your budget online

“ It’s easy to get carried away when you’re making the most of your time abroad, but it’s important that holiday-goers keep on top of budgets so they don’t leave themselves short at the end of the trip. By using a currency card that offers a secure online account to manage spends, like the Escape Travel Card, travellers can stay clued up on their spends the same way they would at home. Using the Escape online cloud account, cardholders can view their balance and statements and top up their account by debit or credit card. They can also check their balance by text with the Escape Travel card and receive low balance alert texts to warn them if they’re funds are running low.”

Be safety wise

“ Preparing for the worst-case scenario is always advised when taking money abroad, and having safety procedures in place will help ease the anxiety of being stranded without cash. The majority of prepaid currency cards see funds held on them directly, meaning that if the card is lost or stolen the funds are taken with the card. But Escape’s unique cloud account offers increased security by allowing funds to be transferred from the card back to the account at any time, keeping spends safe if something should happen to the card.

“ Escape also offers a 24/7 helpline for immediate support and can arrange for funds to be sent to a Moneygram outlet near you, meaning you will never be stranded without access to your money.

“ In addition, users can also take advantage of a free SMS service, which can be used to temporarily lock and unlock the card, providing peace of mind if you’re going for a swim and leaving your card in your bag or hotel room, for example. ”

Be discreet

“ It is easy to see how holiday-goers can draw attention to themselves rifling through the unfamiliar bank notes of another currency when making a payment. It’s best not to make a scene when doing this and carrying a prepaid currency card means it can be avoided altogether. We would always advise all tourists to be aware of their surroundings when on holiday, and to make sure they take the necessary precautions to ensure that their trip goes off without a hitch.”

Summary of features and benefits of the Escape Travel Card

  • Escape costs just £10 to purchase. This fee is refunded if the card is loaded with £100 within 30 days of application

  • Free to make purchases abroad

  • Add a companion card for £2.50

  • Withdraw cash at over 2.1 million ATMs overseas for FREE* if you withdraw over £100 or equivalent.

  • Maximum load £2000

  • The card can be topped up via bank transfer, at the Post Office, PayPoint locations, or at selected travel agents.

  • Order online at (Allow 7-10 working days for cards to arrive.)

  • Instant issue cards are available from various outlets across the UK, giving consumers instant access to their cards. Please visit to find a retailer near you.

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