A record 3.5 million Brits will be traveling abroad in the festive period.1 Fed up of mince pies and cold turkey sandwiches for weeks after Christmas Day, and rip off costs of heading out, the trend of traveling abroad for the New Year is rising among Brits.

Across Europe locals celebrate New Year’s Eve in different ways, each country being rich in tradition and customs to bring luck, love and prosperity into the coming year. This can be a huge factor for Brits wanting to experience something different than singing another round of Auld Lang Syne.

To help those planning a New Year’s Eve in Europe, Escape Travel Card has put together a list of the top destinations to visit based on the increase of spend seen year on year during the festive period.

Joanne Briggs from Escape, said: “Based on the increase of spend on Escape Travel Cards, we have seen a clear trend of Brits traveling abroad over the festive period, with spending peaking on New Year’s Eve. Our customers want to experience new traditions and see how their European counterparts celebrate the biggest night of the year.

“By traveling abroad for New Year’s Eve it allows Brits to immerse themselves in local culture. We have identified some of the top European destinations and ones less travelled in hope of inspiring our customers to have a wonderful and exciting New Year’s Eve.”


Escape’s Top European New Year’s Eve Destinations:

Paris, France – Paris has one of the largest gatherings on New Year’s Eve in front of the Eiffel Tower. Revellers usually get to Parc du Champ de Mars early on in the day to secure their place with a picnic of French patisserie and Champagne for the show in the evening. Or, partygoers head to Avenue des Champs-Élysées to see the annual street parade with Champagne flowing liberally.  Although, don’t expect an impeccable view of the fireworks from here. To capture the firework display from the City of Lights in all its glory head to La Basilique du SacréCœur de Montmartre to get the best views in the city.


Berlin, Germany – The biggest event that takes place on New Year’s Eve, or Silvester as it is known in Germany, is at the Brandenburg Gate. There is a party atmosphere that engulfs the area with top German DJs playing all night and the event being televised across Germany and the world. Berliners are likely to be setting fireworks off all night in the lead up to the big countdown to the New Year. Although, if you’re really wanting to shake things up for New Year’s Eve you can join in the annual Silvesterlauf which is a 10km pancake run up and down Berlin’s Teufelsberg. But, be warned this is not a fun run.


Amsterdam, Netherlands- Amsterdam has always been known for its party atmosphere but on New Year’s Eve the city goes one step further. Traditionally there are large street celebrations that take place across Amsterdam. There is a spectacular firework display that takes place in the city, the best views of this can be seen along the river Amstel. Amsterdam also prides itself on the variety of street vendors on New Year’s Eve so remember to pick up some vlamse frites or oliebollen doughnuts to accompany your Heineken.


Barcelona, Spain – Start your night off with traditional Spanish Tapas in El Born, then head to the official New Year’s party next to Montjuïc’s Magic Fountain. There is a large display of fireworks and when the 12 bells chime locals and tourist take part in the Catalonian tradition of attempting to put 12 grapes into the mouth before the bells stop ringing. Don’t forget to wash down all those grapes with the traditional celebration drink of Cava, which will be readily available across the city during the celebrations.


Reykjavik, Iceland – For a complete change of scenery for New Year’s Eve visit Reykjavik and bring in the New Year under the Northern Lights. If you don’t want to spend New Year in the Arctic Circle, head into the city. Take advantage of quiet bars from 10.30-11.30 when every local will be watching the TV comedy show Áramótaskaupið. But, be prepared as soon as the show ends Reykjavik will be lit up in a spectacular light show to rival the Northern Lights themselves.

The Escape Travel Card makes the perfect companion to any traveller looking to celebrate New Year abroad. This is due to the fact that the card can be used anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard, without incurring overseas charges. The card also offers peace of mind in large crowds, which can gather around New Year celebrations, due to its SMS locking capabilities.

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